Ruby & Daisy 2017 Independent Retailer Award Winners

By August 8, 2018Award Winners

WITH customers in Australia, Thailand and all over America, Haslingden store Ruby and Daisy is already on the way to achieving global brand status. When friends Louise Bispham and Helena Hoyle opened their clothing business in Deardengate in 2013, they named it after their daughters Ruby and Daisy, who were in primary school. At last year’s Rossendale Business Awards, Ruby and Daisy won the Independent Retailer title after being nominated by a customer.

Helena said: “We have always prided ourselves on our customer service and that extends not just to face-to-face clients, but to those we serve online.”

In 2016 the company restructured and rewrote the business plan and goals to focus on the Haslingden store and online selling. As a result the brand and business has grown dramatically.

Helena said: “We now have three partners because uncensored reviewer Antonella Brollini has come on board. She is a social media celebrity with 1.4million followers, has a contract with the BBC and an Agony Aunt slot in Chat Magazine. She has helped to take our business to an international platform and the growth has been massive. We have just taken on our sixteenth employee and now have our own marketing department. We have welcomed customers to the store from Spain, America and all over the UK.”

The mantra for the business remains ‘real clothing for real women’ and because it offers sizes from 6 to 32 sometimes four generations will shop at the same time.

Helena said: “We identified a business need which is why we opened Room Deardengate as it was something to enhance the town; if people show faith in a town then it helps to improve it for everyone. We do shows on social media when we use real people as our models and we also champion what is available across Rossendale. Our shows have been known to reach 200,000 people and have 80,000 views. At Ruby and Daisy we have something for everybody.”

Meanwhile Ruby and Daisy are looking forward to starting at Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School in September. Although they like having a shop named after them, they are not planning to join the family firm.

Nominations for the 2018 awards, organised by Valley at Work which connects local businesses, open on August 15. Once nominated, businesses select which categories they would like to enter.

Story by Catherine Smyth

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