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By July 22, 2015Award Winners

Bringing back a butcher’s shop to a town where the last one closed 13 years ago proved the key to success for Mark Harrison. Having worked on a farm as a young lad, and having an interest in the meat trade, it was inevitable Mark would go down the path of owning his own butcher’s shop. He firstly opened a business in Haslingden, then Clitheroe and in May 2013 he opened a shop in Rawtenstall.

The success of this latest venture led him to win the Retail Business of the Year at Rossendale Business Awards and he was picked a finalist in the Valley at Work and New Business categories.

Mark said: “I think the awards are a really good idea because it makes you think about what you do.”

His wife Caron also works in the business. She said: “Entering the awards makes you evaluate where you are at the moment and what you have achieved so far. Being nominated meant we felt we had a right to give ourselves a pat on the back.”

They can remember when there were at least four butchers in Rawtenstall and while other smaller towns in the valley managed to keep at least one or two butchers shops, Rawtenstall had been without an actual butchers shop for approximately 13 years.

Mark said: “Initially the success of our business lay directly with our commitment as a family to work together. It was important to locate the right shop and it took time to find a suitable premises. I am a determined character and when I want something, I usually get it – not by luck but by sheer hard work, drive and passion for the project I want to undertake – butchering is my main passion in life.”

The family run operation also employs the couple’s son Daniel, along with three other members of staff including an apprentice.

Mark added: “Together, we have turned our vision into reality and we will continue to work hard to ensure that the business goes from strength to strength.”

Article by Catherine Smyth

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